Introduction To Ephesians

The core of the Church in Ephesus, the immediate recipients of this letter, were graduates of the School of Tyrannus which ran for two years.

One would therefore expect the letter to be a reminder, or a revision of, materials previously covered in the school and probably probe a little further in certain areas.

This study is not a lecture but a highly interactive and provocative discourse.

Every one is encouraged to participate while we think of an award for the most active participant.

Duration: a-chapter-per-week

But it is not uncommon to require a few years to swallow.

Background Info:
Ephesus was famed for its idol temple of Artemis (also known less precisely as the Temple of Diana), which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It therefore was a ‘perfect’ location for high level spiritual combats.

At the end of the Ephesian Course -
i. you should be able to lay hands on Believers to receive the Holy Spirit, speak in tongues and prophesy [Acts 19:6]

ii. you should be able to speak boldly, reason and persuade folks about the kingdom of God [Acts 19:8]

iii. when handkerchiefs or aprons that touch your skin are brought to the sick, their diseases should leave them and evil spirits come out of them [Acts 19:12]

iv. your name should not only be known in heaven but recognised in hell as well. [Acts 19:15]

v. you should be able to provoke a city wide riot among idol worshippers. [Acts 19:23]

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