Fasten Your Girdle

The letter starts with what God, in Christ, has accomplished, how He has blessed us, chosen us, predestined us, lavished on us, made us accepted in …, made to abound toward us…, made known to us and concludes with Believers’ responsibility.

Believers are encouraged to be strong in the Lord and the next few verses show how:

- Put on the whole armour of God (repeated for emphasis (verses 11 & 13)

- Stand firm

- Fasten on the girdle of truth

- Put on the breastplate of righteousness

- Put on, as shoes for your feet, preparation of the gospel of peace

- Take up the shield of faith,

- Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit

Any of the individual components of the body armour could be explored in greater detail and this should be encouraged, but I have taken the liberty, afforded me, to zero in on the first weapon on the list (verse 14).

KJV rendering - having your loins girt about with truth - suggests a girdle which, to me, paints a more accurate picture than our modern day belt.

The girdle is not properly a weapon at all, but it comes first because it keeps all the other parts of the armour in place, and gives agility to the wearer.

Paul says the girdle for us is truth. Does this only mean abstract, theological truth? I think it means much more. Truth in daily living. Honesty, sincerity, openness, and frankness.

Honesty should not be our best policy but our only policy.

It is easy to be encumbered with much sham and hypocrisy in Church. Many things we say and do are not really meant, but we say them only because they sound good. We are full of religious cliches and insincerities. There are things we do, not to please God or because we really want to do them, but to please other people. Almost every religious group has its own particular cliches.

First of all, we are required to put on the girdle of truth. We must put away sham, hypocrisy, religious clichés, and saying and doing things we do not mean.

Often truth is quite painful. We must begin to show other people the kind of person we really are. We may have been hiding away or putting on a religious front all this time and now we are confronted with the need for real truth, openness and frankness.

We must put on the girdle and tie it around so that these religious insincerities and shams no longer hang around us and get in the way of things God is asking us to do.

Or what do you think?

Monday, February 1st, 2016 @ 10:18 by Pastor Wale Adefuye


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