The Prayer Team

On Friday evenings (7:30pm), Philip and other church members come together to talk to God, our Father. We gather together to thank him for all that he's been doing for us; we ask for his help and his grace for the church in areas where we sense that we need his help (every area really); we also seek and gain his guidance as we listen to what he has to say to us.

Men's Ministry

Daniel leads a team of men men who's primary focus is in encouraging and welcoming all men into the church through our monthly breakfasts and social events.

Our primary aim is to make all men Christian or non Christian welcome so to explore the various challenges men face while never ignoring what a difference God has made to our daily challenges.

Children's Work

Stacey and the children's ministry team - God Squad lead's the children at IIC and helps them to enjoy learning about Jesus.

If you wish your child to join the activities on a Sunday morning, please speak with one of the team to register your child at the 11 am service.