Welcome to IIC, (Ipswich International Church) we are part of the Elim Pentecostal denomination with several branches across the country. We are blessed to be a multinational congregation represented by all generations, we seek to be a family friendly church, where everybody feels part of a family. We seek to express this through relational cells and home-groups, we also encourage everybody to find a place to serve within one of the ministries in the Church.

We also seek to be a church where everybody is effectively discipled from infancy to maturity in Christ, we take seriously the mandate of Christ to make disciples of all nations. We believe everybody is still learning and we are committed to life long learning, therefore we have different tracks that are continually being developed depending on your level of maturity.

We are also called to be a contagiously generous church, and our vision is that there will be no one that has a need that cannot be met. Trusting in the resources God has given us as a body we seek to be generous with our time, our talents and our treasure in order to reach the least, the lost and the last.

IIC has a vision to be passionately mission minded. We believe that everybody is called to be a minister, therefore we seek to equip people to be missional wherever they are at, work, place of study and at home. As an international church we are called to reach the nations and language groups both here in Ipswich and beyond.

Finally we take our walk with the Holy Spirit very seriously and our desire is to be people who are intimate with the Holy Spirit who’s lives are transformed and empowered to serve others through the power of prayer and intercession.

You are welcome to the family.

Posted On: Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 @ 22:00 by Ian Tearle


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