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Booking Referee

The booking referee is the person making the booking payment, the referee does not have to be attending the event.

We require an email and an address for payment authorisation.

Add a booking referee

You will not be charged for anything until you add delegates

Add Adult Attendees

Every booking should have at least one adult. This is because children cannot be booked in at Family Camp without an accompanying adult.

Whilst not required it is helpful to have an email for each adult so we can send tickets and welcome packs to individuals.

Adults are classed as 17 or older at Family Camp.

If children are being booked as part of this booking there has to be at least one adult named as responsible for the group.

Copy info to the first field

If the booking referee is attending Family Camp you can copy some of the details to the first adult field using the button.

Add Adults

Copy booking referee

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Add children attendees

Children are classed as 16 or younger at Family Camp.

All children must be booked with a responsible adult

It's important we know the child's age so they can be placed in the appropriate group whilst at camp and we know what numbers we have.

Add children

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Check, and check again

Please check the details before proceeding with payment.

Make your final payment


    Children Under 17